PRIOR to the First Day School:

Required for Primary & Toddler

Required for Elder & Elementary

Forms You Might Need

Important Notes:

These forms will be sent through our online system, Procare, at the beginning of the school year OR at time of enrollment. Please complete them there so that they may be added to your child’s documents, OR fill them out using these links and upload them with the proper form name into Procare.

You have 30 days from the date of enrollment to turn in the Health Appraisal. Most offices will complete this without an office visit if your child has been seen in the last few months. Children school-age, or Elder, and older will need to complete the Elementary Statement of Health in place of this form.

The Child Information Card MUST be signed at the bottom.

If you do not wish to grant FERPA Consent with the FERPA Consent for Disclosure, you may send the form back to us stating such OR send it back blank.

All forms must be completed before the child may officially start at Stepping Stones Montessori.