The child who thrives in the Montessori school environment experiences the same messages and a similar environment at home. With this in mind, we want to provide you with the resources necessary to implement this pedagogy in your home and help your entire family to enjoy the beauty of education as an aid to life.

Montessori Education

A wonderful website by Jesse McCarthy, expert and mentor of teachers and parents as well as experienced Montessori Educator. Check out his podcast for an easy-listening dive into Montessori pedagogy!

Aid to Life

A website with comprehensive guides, articles, and more about implementation of Montessori within the home.


The American Montessori Society sets many of the standards any genuine Montessori School should strive to meet. As such, we would be remiss to leave them out of this resource guide!

For Small Hands

Every year, we do a fundraiser through “For Small Hands”, which is a great way to get materials into your hands while earning materials for our casas. The importance of child-sized materials in a prepared environment is stressed by Maria Montessori in much of her literature. Check out our activities guide above for suggested materials to accompany daily activities!

The Montessori Notebook

A large but not quite exhaustive list of activities and materials by age. The site has a resources tab as well that is extremely helpful!

Check out the website author’s book “The Montessori Toddler” too!


Another Montessori standards organization with a great catalog of resources and articles centering on many topics through Montessori education and explanations of practices.

The Montessori Foundation

A site with some specialized parent courses that can help you understand the family relationship within the parent-teacher-student triangle and how it all connects.

Tomorrow’s Child

Tomorrow’s Child Magazine is part of The Montessori Family Alliancean  international network of Montessori parents, teachers, and friends of Montessori. Each subscription includes membership to the MFA. Published by the Montessori Foundation since 1993, each issue is filled with articles that address the questions parents most often ask about Montessori schools and Montessori in the home.

Practical Life Guide

A look at some materials that may work in your home to implement Montessori practices and growth of independence in your home! Practical life activities are crucial to children feeling involved and included in the care of the home.

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