The Toddler in the 1st Plane

The development of the individual, both physically and mentally with an extremely absorbent mind and rapid growth.

Me Do It

Asks “What is it?” which is nurtured through practical life activities in the carefully and intentionally prepared environment.

The toddler child is an aficionado of exploration. They are the most natural and pure scientists of our world with boundless, innate curiosity (and energy!) Maria Montessori made an excellent point in declaring the First Plane (ages 0-6) as the period of most rapid growth in the human life span. Indeed, watching the world through a toddler’s eyes is a magical experience.

Toddlers have the instinctive need to exercise their independent spirits. Our prepared environment is designed with the Montessori philosophy in mind. This environment encourages and supports the practice of the toddlers’ independence and exploration of the world. This, in turn, supports cognitive and language development, gross motor skills, as well as grace and courtesy.

Playing with an independent spirit helps toddlers develop and grow in their self-reliance and use of their development. Our guides (Montessori certified teachers) are trained to put into effect the Montessori designed curriculum; including daily routines of the toddler house. These daily routines include activities such as setting the table, cleaning dishes, washing windows, taking shoes off and putting them on, washing hands, practicing toilet training, and interaction with age-appropriate learning materials.

At the toddler age level, children have what is called a “Sensitive Period” in Montessori pedagogy to the acquisition of language. This continues into the Primary ages. This is a time when the mind readily absorbs the skills that come with learning about language, when the mind is most open and receptive to building this skill. 

The toddler guide directs the toddlers to materials and activities as new learning needs develop. When the toddler begins to show signs of readiness for the primary environment, the process of transitioning may begin. During this time, the parents and the guide will discuss how the transition process will occur. The guides will begin the transition process when the toddlers are ready to begin their next journey to the Primary program. Our toddler staff is dedicated to providing a calm, caring, and consistent environment for our curious and growing toddlers. The prepared environment in the Toddler Casa is cared for by all of our Toddler staff, reflecting core Montessori philosophies of respect and harmony. Read more about the staff at the Toddler House on our Meet the Staff page.

Toddlers enjoy weekly visits from Ms. Karrie at Stories on the Move! This program encourages dynamic movement and music through storytelling, which captivates the toddler child in essential large motor activity.

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Toddler Tuition

Base Program

8:30 am – 12:00 pm


Full-Day Program

8:30 am – 3:30 pm


Before Care

7:40 am- 8:30 am


After Care

3:30 pm – 5:30 pm



“How best can we prepare teachers and parents to anticipate the move and be open to this transition when the child is ready, not when the administration or teachers are ready?” Learn more about the transition process from the toddler environment to the primary environment, written by author Judith A. Orion. The transition from the toddler house to the primary environment is an important process to understand for both the child and the parent.