“Elemental music is never just music. It’s bound up with movement,
dance and speech, and so it is a form of music in which one must
participate, in which one is involved not as a listener but as a co-performer.”  – Carl Orff

The primary mission of Stepping Stones Montessori is to provide an
education for the whole child. Here at Stepping Stones we work to
provide a well rounded education for our children 18 months to 12

Music is an integral part of a child’s life from birth to adulthood. Our
music programs begin with our Toddlers, using research based on Dr.
Edwin Gordon’s Music Learning Theory. In Music Learning Theory, we
teach patterns- musical words – to students in a logical, sequential way
that yields musical understanding. At this stage of development
singing, movement and playing of instruments are used to achieve
musical understanding. The overall goal of the program is to stimulate
a child’s potential in music through active and entertaining musical
activities. Weekly classes include singing, chanting, moving, playing
percussion and tonal instruments and echoing patterns.

Primary through 6th grade
The Music and Montessori classrooms are designed for a child’s success
in their learning. Like the Montessori approach, the Orff-Schulwerk
Music Education emphasizes the child’s natural desire to move.
approaches engage the children through active participation in music,
literature, playing of instruments, songs and dances from many
cultures. Orff- Schulwerk music instruments are designed to be ‘child friendly’, so all students are able to immediately create music and express their feelings and even our youngest children will have the
opportunity to play the Orff-Schulwerk instruments.

The Orff- Schulwerk approach for music education for children is based
on the goal of developing a sense of rhythm and musical independence
through exploration, imitation, improvisation, and creation. Music
activities are created to help the child move through these goals to
achieve musical independence. Classroom activities include:

Voice – Reading, Singing, Chanting

Movement – dance, body percussion

Instruments – The playing of Orff-Schulwerk xylophones,
metallophones, and glockenspiels,
Pitched and unpitched percussion instruments & drums,
Ukuleles and recorders.

“Music education opens doors that help children pass from school into
the world around them – a world of work, culture, intellectual activity,
and human involvement. The future of our nation depends on providing
our children with a complete education that includes music.”  – Gerald

Sonor Orff Primary Line FSC Alto Xylophone Diatonic | Musician's Friend

Sonor Global Beat MA GB Alto Metallophone
Soprano Glockenspiel | Music is Elementary

For more information
Learning Music Theory – https://giml.org/mlt/earlychildhood/
Orff-Schulwerk – https://aosa.org/about/what-is-orff-schulwerk/

What is Orff-Schulwerk?