Welcome to Stepping Stones Montessori in East Lansing!

Our school community creates and maintains a learning environment that nurtures the development of the whole child.

The programs at Stepping Stones Montessori are designed in the likeness of Dr. Maria Montessori’s scientific observations, discovering that children thrive developmentally at a pace of their own, teaching themselves with activities they choose. At Stepping Stones Montessori School we provide an environment in which a child experiences the practical application of sensory-based and self-directed learning. The curriculum here is suited to meet the child’s physical, academic, emotional, and social needs. We foster the spirit of the whole child through the unique, prepared environment of each program:

These mixed-age programs provides the child with new challenges that are appropriate to both the child’s age and skill level. Each classroom is staffed with a Montessori Guide as well as an assistant based on ratio guidelines. Our staff recognizes the tremendous capacity and desire of young children to discover and explore their environment.

Additionally, enrichment programs are offered to support the learning curriculum. Our enrichment programs cover areas such as music, art, and nature discovery. We also typically offer Summer Camp to provide a learning experience in the summertime.