Going Out

Two of our 3rd years, Ben and Bree, got to participate in a “Going Out”, which has not been able to happen in the past few years!

Ben and Bree have been working on researching fish that would fit well in the elementary classroom’s currently empty tanks. To get a better idea of what the proper fish would require, they took a trip to Preuss Pets. They gathered all their information and reported back to their classmates with what they learned!

“Going Out” is a traditional part of the Montessori Elementary program. It is an opportunity to take their interests outside the walls of the classroom into the community to explore and gather information.  Children in the elementary age group have a strong sensitivity to understanding the world around them, their community, and how they can interact with the world. This allows children to take ownership over their own learning while developing their practical life and social skills by planning the trip and talking to community members.

Want to learn more about what your child can look forward to as an elementary student? https://player.vimeo.com/video/79813408?h=bcaae86e55
Check out this video to see the purpose behind Going Out, how the process is planned in the classroom, and how children take charge of this entire process! They are so much more capable than we can even imagine.